How do I prevent sand colic?

Basically, there are two ways to prevent sand colic: 1)      Making sure your horse doesn’t ingest sand; 2)      Making sure sand is ‘flushed’ from the horse’s bowel regularly. Minimizing sand intake Your horse ingests sand when it grazes a meadow with short grass or is kept in a sandy or muddy paddock. Sand can also […]

How do I treat sand colic?

In acute cases of (suspected) sand colic you ALWAYS call your vet! Please do not waste any valuable time by trying to play doctor to your horse. The information below is only intended to give you some background. Time is of the essence in acute cases! Sand colic is generally treated (by veterinarians) by giving […]

What is sand colic?

Sand is one of the main causes of colic in horses. All kinds of abdominal problems in horses that are caused by sand, are called sand colic – or sand enteropathy. A horse suffering from sand colic can show a number of symptoms: –          Mild or severe colic / abdominal pain; –          Recurring signs of […]